What’s On Your RUcket List?

Rutgers is full of diverse options of involvement and fun to be had every day! Your ‘RUcket list’ is simply your Rutgers’ bucket list made to take advantage of all those opportunities. As you progress throughout college, the thought is that items on your list will be crossed off year after year. Below, you will find a few of the items on my RUcket list!

The Tower Jump

Held in the spring semester, the tower jump allows students to jump off the 10 meter high diving board!

To Participate in an Alternative Break

Led by the Leadership department, Alternative Breaks allow students to take an untraditional week off for their winter or spring break. At a low cost, students travel across the country (and sometimes internationally) to perform service based activities in underserved areas.

To Be a Hot Dog at Hot Dog Day

Every spring, the Rutgers University Programming Association puts on the greatest day of the year, Hot Dog Day. While I’ve attended the event every year since freshmen year, my goal remains to become one of the individuals that gets to dress up in either the hot dog, mustard, relish, or ketchup costume!

Dance Marathon Dancer

Dance Marathon (DM) is the largest student run philanthropy event in the state. Every year, hundreds of students dance inside the Rutgers Athletic Center to raise money for the Embrace Kids Foundation. Dancing at DM is a popular option on many student’s RUcket lists!

Run in the Big Chill

The Big Chill is a winter race hosted on the College Avenue campus benefitting local charities in the New Brunswick community. Running the Big Chill is on my RUcket so I can accomplish two things at once: help the immediate Rutgers community and complete a 5k!

Attend Club Alex

At the end of every year, Alexander Library is turned into a nightclub for graduating seniors! Filled with a DJ, strobe lights, a dance floor, and lots of music, Club Alex is a must-do for any senior!

What would you add to your RUcket list? Would any of my items make it on your list?