February is here and love is in the air! Whether single or partnered, find out about some Rutgers traditions and amenities that might make you fall in love with our university!

Specialty Nights in the Dining Halls!

Whether it’s chocolate fountains, copious amounts of seafood, or giant inflatable Hungry Hungry Hippos, the dining halls are the place to be! The biggest crowd-pleaser for most students is King Neptune night. During this special evening in September, the dining halls transform into an underwater oasis. As you travel down the ramps in Brower Commons (the dining hall on the College Avenue campus) you begin to notice the Atlantis-themed decor as well as the seafood aroma permeating the air. The dining hall is filled with endless amounts of shrimp, crab cakes, king crab legs, lobster, and so much more! For many, King Neptune Night is the purest type of joy during undergrad years! You’ll definitely love how exciting the dining halls become during specialty nights!

Hot Dog Day!

Picture this: it’s a warm April day. You’re in month 3 of spring courses, and the end (May) is near. You’ve just left your residence hall, and are on the way to the College Avenue Student Center bus stop when you realize something. The road is shut down. There are dancing men and women, dressed in hot dog costumes, all along the road. Students are lining up and down College Avenue waiting to be served. There’s even a giant inflatable laser tag and zip line next to Brower Commons. Welcome to Hot Dog Day – quite possibly the most lovable, wonderful, most amazing day put on by the Rutgers University Program Association (RUPA) team! The craze surrounding Hot Dog Day will definitely make you fall in love with the spontaneity of Rutgers!

Immense Scarlet Pride!

Go into any classroom, residence hall, gym, student center, or sports game at Rutgers and you will instantly notice the Rutgers pride we all share and love! Day in and day out, you will see students wearing their Rutgers gear and sharing the knight’s call we all possess. There is no better feeling than being welcomed into the Rutgers family. Bleeding Scarlet will definitely make you feel the love at Rutgers!

No matter your status this Valentine’s Day, you’ll for sure be falling in love with Rutgers!