Goals For Having A Successful Semester

Year after year, resolutions are made by each of us to improve our circumstances from the year before. But, they are rarely successful. Why? Because resolutions are often too big and not timely. Instead, we should have mini-goals that can be accomplished in short time frames! By goal setting, in time increments less than a year-long, we can measure our success much easier. As soon as a goal is finished, cross it off your list. Feel satisfaction from completing your goals!

This is good practice at any point in the school year, especially at the beginning of every semester! Below, you’ll find some great goals to get you started into making the most out of your upcoming semester at Rutgers!

1) Get at least 8 hours of sleep for a month straight

It’s okay to turn off the Netflix movie-thon and get some extra rest before your classes the next morning. Practice having a regular sleep schedule Monday-Sunday, not just on the weekdays! Having a good night’s rest has been proven to substantially improve memory, something that will be very beneficial towards learning new material in lectures!

2) Attend the office hours of each of your professors at least once throughout the semester

Not only are office hours an opportunity to ask one-on-one questions, but they are an incredible way to build a connection for recommendation letters!

3) Complete all your required reading assignments

Don’t assume that your professor will cover all the material on every exam in class. Some professors use their textbook as a supplementary resource for making exam questions – so make sure you are reading!