What to bring to your next Friendsgiving: Rutgers Edition

For those of you who may not know, Friendsgiving is a term used to describe gatherings with friends that take place in celebration of Thanksgiving. Friendsgiving is a perfect time for you to celebrate the friendships you’ve made throughout the year!

Below, you will find classic Rutgers options to bring to your next Friendsgiving meal!

Drink: Bubble tea from Noodle Gourmet 

With 20+ flavor combinations, you can find the right customization for each party guest. Besides, water can be so basic!

Main course: Penne vodka from Krispy Pizza 

While many see Krispy Pizza as being a one-stop pizza place, their penne vodka is a hidden gem. Big enough for a family of four, this pasta dish will serve up happy times!

Side 1: Chips and salsa from Surf Taco 

An easy side dish that every college student loves. This is an immediate party pleaser!

Side 2: Tater Tots from Hansel ‘n Griddle

There’s something about Hansel ‘n Griddle’s tater tots that make them so addicting. My recommendation: dip them in barbecue sauce — they’ll taste just like barbecue chips!!! These tots are out of this world! 

Instagram via @that.delish.ishh

Dessert: Ice cream from Thomas Sweet

Whether in the milkshake, sundae, cone, or scoop variety, Thomas Sweet’s 10+ options of homemade ice cream can cure any craving! This go-to option is a must for any sweet tooth! 

As you can tell, you don’t HAVE to stick to traditional meal options at Friendsgiving! This time of year is all about being with the ones you love and showing thanks for those friendships! 

Happy Eating!