Rutgers Ghost Stories

When you’ve been around for over 250 years, creepy stuff is bound to happen. We’ve collected the top ghost stories that roam our campus just in time for spooky season. Beware … you’re in for a scare!

Old Queen’s Bell Tower:

Have you ever panicked over not getting a text back? Imagine the love of your life simply never showing up! Poor Catherine Livingston (aka Grey Lady Ghost) can still be spotted waiting for Alexander Hamilton in the Old Queen’s Bell Tower. It’s been over 200 years, someone needs to tell her she’s been ghosted, please.

Old Queen’s Gate

Easily, any college student’s biggest nightmare is not graduating. Well don’t you dare cross the Old Queen’s Gate before senior year. You might as well hang up your dreams there too.

Demarest Hall

Since the 1960s, many students report sensing haunted spirits throughout the residence hall. Specifically, the main lounge after hours. There have been several sightings of a man by the fireplace whose head falls to the ground before disappearing. Talk about leaving your mark!

Jameson Hall

A hidden pool in the basement of Jameson Hall was once used by students to unwind. Until a girl mysteriously drowned one night unexpectedly. Rumor has it that her locker was never cleared and her ghost still lingers the premises in a limbo.  

Passion Puddle

Before becoming a hub spot for hopeful couples looking to marry before graduation, Passion Puddle was home to a decaying whale corpse! Yes, you read that correctly. The whale was eventually used for scientific testing. But those murky waters have never been the same.

Miller Hall

Several faculty members working in Miller Hall have reported hearing eerie noises including groans and footsteps. Some even say they’ve felt taps on their shoulders! An investigation revealed that Miller Hall was a mortuary previously. There are rumors that the morgue room still exists hidden somewhere in the building.

Lipman Drive Underground

Hidden tunnels have been discovered beneath Blake Hall on Cook campus. The underground system was strategically placed above an old civil defense shelter and connects Blake Hall to Lipman and Thompson Halls too. What are they used for now? Who knows! Just don’t let yourself wander around too late at night.