8 Ways To Own Every Game Day

Fall games are a great way for you to hang out with all the new friends you’ve made your first semester, and bond over something you all love! With Homecoming right around the corner, here’s how YOU can make the best memories every fall!

1) Sign up for the lottery

As a student, you have the opportunity to attend every football game! The process is simple, and done so through a “lottery.” Meaning, students just log into the ticketing website and, if chosen, their ticket will be emailed to them shortly after! Don’t fret, though, the odds of you getting a ticket are great if you sign up early!

You can also buy season tickets here (if you are worried about missing a game).

2) Buy your spirit gear!

Go to either Barnes & Noble or Scarlet Fever now!

3) Learn the chants!

Popular chants include “RU RAH RAH” and “R/U.” Follow the links to learn how to do them yourself!

4) Arrive to the shuttles early & have your RUID card ready

Conveniently, the shuttles transport students from every campus directly to the entrance! Having your RUID card handy after exiting the bus will speed up the entry process into the stadium.

Pro-tip: Take a screenshot of your ticket (so you can find it fast & with ease)!

5) Pick a spot where you and all your friends can enjoy!

Game days are best enjoyed together! Make sure to sit with your friends!

6) Get your ID out again! Meal swipe time!

If you get hungry, you can swipe for food!!! Chicken tenders and fries galore! (Dietary restricted options are also available)

7) Stay hydrated and get ready to SCREAM your heart out!

Let your voice be heard! Your support means the world!

8) Remain SCARLET!

Win or lose, more games will come! It’s all about the support!!!