Fall (Winter) Is Coming!

The leaves are changing, the first exams of the fall semester are quickly approaching, and sweatshirts are now required after the sun sets. What does this mean? Rutgers, and the entire Northeast will begin the transition into the colder months. Have no fear! Below you will find tips on how to manage the colder weather, and highlights of what to look forward to as the calendar year comes to an end. 

What to Wear?

The weather in New Jersey is odd… It could be in the 80s one day, and the 60s the next. How could one possible prepare for the ever changing weather? Have your entire closet with you. Meaning, have outfit choices for the cold AND warmer weather! Also, bring layers! It’s much easier to take a layer off during lecture, than run home for a quick sweater fix.

Tip: If you’re coming from a warmer weathered state, stop by our campus apparel store to buy the long sleeves of your dreams! Barnes & Noble offers long sleeve t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, and even sweatshirts to deck your wardrobe out in Rutgers gear! (These options will become very handy once game days begin!)

Fall Traditions

Football Games: Be sure to support your Scarlet Knights during the home games in the fall semester! The most popular games are the first home game, parent/family weekend, and homecoming.

Bed Races: Who wouldn’t want to run down College Avenue pushing a bed on wheels? This yearly event races beds sponsored from multiple clubs/organizations on campus, and will most definitely leave a lasting memory on your freshmen experience!

Fall Must Sees on Campus

Passion Puddle: This summer hot-spot still holds its beauty during the barren fall.

Livingston Ecological Preserve: The perfect fall sight to see for any nature lover!