Springtime at Rutgers University

By: meghanshokoff and wordyparker

Say goodbye to snow days and hello to sunny days. With second semester almost halfway over, now comes the arrival of spring. This time of year is all about new beginnings. Spring at Rutgers is no different. There are always opportunities to start fresh and try something new. It is a time to break out of your comfort zone and enjoy the warm weather after a freezing cold winter. There are a bunch of ways to take advantage of this change of seasons on campus.

Rutgers Spring Traditions

Rutgers University Programming Association (R.U.P.A) organizes various events on campus for students. This spring they will be hosting the annual spring concert with Young the Giant as the headliner. R.U.P.A also hosts a multitude of events that involve free food like hot dog day and ice cream day. On Hot Dog Day, R.U.P.A shuts down a portion of College Avenue to hand out thousands of hot dogs to students. There are also arcade games, a zip line, and other fun activities to bring together the whole event! R.U.P.A is also in charge of the Scarlet Day of Service. It is a University-wide event in which students can partake in service around the New Brunswick community.


Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is one event found on almost every Rutgers student’s list of best events to be a part of. Over 2,000 Rutgers students participate in Rutgers Dance Marathon every year. The past two years, the event has raised over $1 Million for the Embrace Kids Foundation. The foundation raises money for children that are suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Dance Marathon is an amazing way for Rutgers students to get involved and make a difference on campus. Students can choose to be dancers, volunteers, or fundraisers. There is a way for everyone to be apart of this life changing event.


Beautiful Sights on Campus

When the weather gets warm and the flowers start to bloom, the Rutgers campus comes to life. There are a variety of must-see spots on campus that Rutgers students should visit. Rutgers Gardens, located on the Cook Campus, is an enchanting area of wildlife where a lot of Rutgers alumni choose to come back and get married. Voorhees Mall, which is where the academic buildings are located on College Ave, turns into a beautiful green lawn area for students to hang out or study together. Passion Puddle is another spot to check out in the springtime. It even holds a legend that if you walk around the pound three times with your significant other, you’re destined to be engaged.

Outdoor Activities on Campus

The warm weather also presents the opportunity to take part in different outdoor activities. On the Livingston campus, there is an ecological preserve that offers lots of different hiking trails for students to explore. Rutgers also hosts different athletic competitions in the spring. Students can register to run in the Rutgers Half Marathon. Modeled after the New York Marathon, students run through the five different Rutgers campuses instead of the five boroughs. There are also a variety of fun outdoor off campus events for students to adventure to. George Street has an outdoor grocery market right outside of Old Man Rafferty’s, where vendors sell fresh food at a discounted rate.

Beach Season is Quickly Approaching

If you ever receive the text, “I’m going DTS this weekend, care to join” from a fellow Rutgers student, you should probably say yes. DTS is the abbreviation for “down the shore” which means that your friend is heading to one of the beaches featured along New Jersey’s 130+ miles of coastline. Students who have days off from class during the week will often take mini-vacations to their favorite spot on the shore to get some sunrays in before summer arrives. The nearest beach is only a 45-minute drive away!

jersey shore

Rutgers Day

One day a year, Rutgers Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick open their doors to residents of New Jersey for a day of first hand experiences with the activities happening at all three universities and host Rutgers Day. Professional staff and students alike demo the research and programs that they are working on throughout the year. From musical performances to a petting zoo being brought together at the farm on Cook campus, there is something to check out no matter what your interest is!

rutgers day

This is just a short list of some of the great things students at Rutgers – New Brunswick look forward to during Springtime. The best way to keep up to date on all of what is happening on campus is to stay connected on social media. Follow admissions on Twitter @Apply2Rutgers and on Instagram @rutgersadmissions!