5 Phrases You Would Find Printed on a Box of Rutgers Themed Conversation Hearts

One of the most iconic Valentine’s Day symbols is a box of conversation hearts. The holiday would simply not be complete without receiving a carton of these candies and having the opportunity to read over some of their cute and cheesy messages. Over the years, candy companies have gotten pretty creative in adding different themes to dictate the phrases that appear on the treats. If Rutgers students got to create their own version of these favorite Valentine’s Day sweets, you would be sure to find a couple of these phrases on those iconic hearts.

“Be my Date to the Football Game”

One of the most treasured Rutgers past times is heading on over to HighPoint Solutions Stadium on a crisp autumn afternoon to cheer on our favorite football team. There is no romantic setting more suited for two Scarlet Knights. College football all started right here on the banks of the Raritan River. On November 6th 1869, Rutgers University hosted the first intercollegiate football game. We beat Princeton 6-4 in the space where the College Ave Gymnasium is currently located. The 150th Anniversary of this game will be happening this upcoming season!


“Donate to my Dance Marathon Page”

One of the largest philanthropic events that takes place on campus is Rutgers University Dance Marathon. Students dance for 12 hours straight to raise money for Embrace Kids. In the past two marathons, Rutgers has raised over one million dollars for the children. You can easily donate to that special someone by clicking on the link to their personal fundraising page.


“Buy me a Fat Sandwich”

Not only is Rutgers the Birthplace of College Football but we are also where the idea for the fat sandwich was created. A fat sandwich is basically all of your favorite foods smooshed together into one delicious sandwich. RU Hungry is the name of the grease truck that originated this old school Rutgers tradition and now has its own store location in the Yard. It is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat with your valentine.

Fat Darrell 1

“Take a Walk With me Around Passion Puddle”

Passion Puddle was ranked 6th on the list of most romantic spots on a college campus. This beautiful lake holds an old Rutgers legend that states that if you walk around the pond three times with your significant other you are destined to be engaged!


“Be my Scarlet Knight”

As Rutgers students, we take pride in being known as the Scarlet Knights. It represents our unity as a student body who all share a strong passion for this University. There is nothing a Rutgers student would want more than to hear those four words from their Valentine’s Day crush. cropped-cropped-knight_jump.jpg