What Your Favorite Holiday Movie Indicates Your College Major Should Be

One of the most treasured holiday past times is getting cozy under a bunch of fuzzy blankets, sipping on hot chocolate, and turning on your favorite holiday movie. However, what you might not have known about this tradition is that your movie choice could indicate your future career path.

Home Alone: Engineering Major

If your favorite holiday movie is Home Alone, chances are you are destined to be an engineering major. When Kevin feels that his home is under attack from the Wet Bandits, he sets up a series of traps to keep out the intruders. The complexity of the various schemes he develops are ones that would inspire and intrigue those with a passion for engineering.


Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: Psychology Major

If you know the classic tale of Rudolph, you know that before he was the leader of Santa’s sleigh, he was cast as a misfit among the other reindeer. They would call him names and never let him join in on any of their games. If this movie is your go-to during the holiday season, you should consider psychology. A psychology major would be interested in studying the psychological impacts that isolation had on Rudolph.


Frosty the Snowman: Environmental Science Major

Snow around the holidays possesses some unknown magical powers, and no one knows that better than those whose favorite holiday movie is Frosty the Snowman. This holiday movie would be one selected by an environmental science major. They would be very honed in on the rising temperatures that were causing Frosty to melt.


Elf: Health and Nutrition Major

Will Ferrell’s performance as Buddy the Elf is one that cannot help but make everyone smile and laugh. One of the most iconic scenes in this movie is when Buddy makes dinner for his birth family and explains the four main food groups for elves: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. A health and nutrition major would be appalled by the diet and would love to study how it sustains all of Santa’s elves.

The Grinch: Criminal Justice Major

This Dr. Seuss holiday classic would be the pick for anyone who is passionate about studying criminal justice. They would investigate the Grinch’s tactics that he used to pull off the master theft of stealing all of the christmas decorations and presents from the residents of Whoville.


A Christmas Carol: English Major

This movie was based off of a play written by Charles Dickens in 1843. There have been many movie adaptations of this popular christmas story. Any english major would rank the movie high on their list due to its origin from this famous author. They would love to compare and analyze the differences between the written play and movie version.


The Santa Clause: Business Major

In this newer Christmas movie, Tim Allen plays Scott, a man who accidentally becomes Santa Claus by putting on the previous Santa Claus’s red coat. In his life before becoming Santa Claus, Scott worked for a company that produces toys. When he steps into his role as Santa Claus, he is still producing toys but on a whole new level. A business major might be interested in looking at the differences in the production process between that of Scott’s toy company and Santa’s workshop.


Miracle on 34th Street: Pre-Law Major

This film would be the first choice to watch for anyone interested in pre-law. A man named Kris Kringle works as the Macy’s department store Santa where he tells customers that he is the real Santa Claus. This leads to a court case in which they dispute his sanity and true identity. The courtroom drama involved in this movie makes it an ideal go-to for students interested in law.


It’s a Wonderful Life: Philosophy Major

This film would be a solid pick for a student studying philosophy. The movie centers around a man named George Bailey, who is contemplating the meaning and worth of his life. With the help of a guardian angel looking to earn her wings, Bailey realizes his value and the positive impact that he has had on others in his life. A philosophy major would love to explore these thought-provoking questions that Bailey grapples with throughout the film, as well as the concept of a ripple effect.


A Charlie Brown Christmas: Theater Major

This adventure with Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang,focuses on Charlie Brown trying to get into the holiday spirit by deciding to direct the Christmas play. This movie would be the favorite of anyone who is destined to be a theater major. They would appreciate the challenges that Charlie Brown faces while trying to direct the school play.