Meal Swipe Options Outside of the Dining Hall

There are many big adjustments that come with leaving home and heading to college for the first time. Students have to adapt dorm living, navigate a new campus, and face college level classes. However, one of the biggest struggles I faced was losing the luxury of having home cooked meals from mom and dad. Luckily, Rutgers University not only has four different dining halls on each campus, but also offers a variety of different eateries that accept Rutgers meal swipes.

Cook/Douglass Campus:

  • Cook Cafe
    • The Cook Cafe is designed similar to a convenience store (think wawa!). Students can order their meal through a kiosk and customize in anyway that they desire.
  • Douglass Cafe
    • Douglass Cafe has its very own deli in addition to a “build your own burrito” bar.
  • Harvest at IFNH
    • Harvest at IFNH is located in the Food, Nutrition, and Health Building. This is a new meal swipe option for students where they can choose between a variety of meals created from student grown food. All of the food is designed in an effort to use a minimal amount of processed ingredients.

Busch Campus:

  • Woody’s Cafe
    • Woody’s Cafe offers prepackaged options for students on the go, in addition to having a grill menu for students looking to dine in. This cafe is located in the Kessler Teaching Building.

Livingston Campus:

  • Kilmer’s Market
    • Kilmer’s Market is an on-campus grocery store for students. It is also home to a “create your own salad” bar and premade or custom sandwiches.
  • Rock Cafe
    • Located in the Livingston Student Center, Rock Cafe offers grab and go premade items while also having a deli or grill options.
  • Henry’s Diner
    • Modeled after a classic New Jersey diner, Henry’s offers every food option you would expect to see on a typical diner menu.

All Five Campus Locations:

  • Knight Wagon
    • Rutgers is famously known for its grease trucks and the Knight Wagon provides all of those options and more. They offer a student combo which includes a main menu item, fries, and a drink.
  • Starbucks Truck
    • One of only six in the country, the Starbucks truck offers every drink that you would see in a regular Starbucks store. It travels between each campus throughout the week.