The Place Where Dreams Come True

As a child, many of us daydreamed about traveling to Disney World and exploring the magical place where all of our dreams were told to come true. Disney World is a place that fosters imagination, creates adventures, and cultivates happiness. What if I told you that the sensation and wonder of opportunities that is Disney World doesn’t have to end when you grow up? There is another place located in the Garden State that not only offers the chance for all of your dreams to come true, but also allows you to turn your dreams into reality forever.

Rutgers University–New Brunswick is the Disney World of the Big Ten Conference. It is a place that offers students the opportunity to continue to dream big and think outside the realm of reality. Rutgers–New Brunswick is divided into five unique campuses, each with their own personalities similar to the four different theme parks in Disney World.

College Avenue- Magic Kingdom

Very comparable to the area in Magic Kingdom known as Downtown Disney, College Avenue is the center of the Rutgers–New Brunswick campus. It has a city like feel lined with different stores and eateries.


Cook/Douglass- Animal Kingdom

The Cook and Douglass campuses are home to our very own farm that has a variety of different animal life. Students can visit the animals or even take courses that involve taking care of them. Rutgers offers an accredited course in which students can raise a baby animal. This up close and personal experience with wildlife can give students a similar feeling to that of a ride through the safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Livingston- Disney MGM Studios

The Livingston campus is home to the Rutgers Business School and the Rutgers Athletic Center. In addition, it is the location of Rutgers’ very own on-campus movie theater. Students can watch newly released movies for a discounted rate. It gives students the ability to get a personal taste of Hollywood just like they would experience at Disney’s MGM studios.

Busch- Epcot

Innovation and creativity are the inspiration for the Epcot park in Disney. Disney uses this park as a showcase for many new ideas for the future. The Busch campus serves a similar purpose. It is home to the School of Engineering as well as the science departments for the School of Arts and Sciences where students are constantly looking to push outside of the box ideas.

Rutgers Buses- Monorail:

Just as Disney’s theme parks are connected through its own monorail system, Rutgers has its own method to transport students from campus to campus easily and effectively. The Rutgers bus system is the second largest in New Jersey behind New Jersey Transit and offers students safe, free, and convenient passage around campus.