Boost Your College Application

Exploring colleges and universities introduces you to the first trappings of adulthood. Learn how to navigate those first steps into the real world like Super Mario on Boost Mode. We don’t guarantee that the floor will light up or that you’ll be able to take out your opponents – but we will help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are three ways to boost your college application:

School of Rock

Challenge Yourself:

Design your own summer project. Start an underground band and play local gigs with friends. Create a fitness boot camp for your local community and share free workouts via Instagram. Learn how to code – and no, Python is not the latest heart-throb rebel in Riverdale. The key is taking things that you already like to the next level and show that you’re a well-rounded student.


Get Active:

Counselors like to see what you’re like both in and out of the classroom. Show your commitment to the community by volunteering with a local nonprofit. Fuel your curiosity by engaging in research with your high school teacher. Or start a business with friends – who said Beyoncé is the only one who can benefit from Lemonade.



Stay Focused:

Take advantage of what your school has to offer. Meet with your high school counselor to ensure that your transcripts mirror your future plans. Interested in STEM? Make sure you’re taking science and math courses. Rigorous honors, AP and IB classes are taken into account when applying to colleges. Talk about what you like right now and see if there’s anything available to help you improve those skills.