What I Learned My First Year

  1. Take AP classes seriously.
    1. As a premed, if you come in with no AP credit, you’re going to find yourself taking Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and maybe a 1-credit seminar. It’s a lot.
    2. There is absolutely no time if you’re playing catch-up with the system.
  2. Friends aren’t always forever.
    1. Do not worry about friendships. We’re all adults now and we’re all changing as we’re maturing.
    2. Paths change for people. Just because someone says they’re a computer science major, it doesn’t mean they’re going to stick to it. You may see them for a month sitting next to you and the next thing you know, they’re gone.
  3. Clubs aren’t everything, but they help.
    1. A lot of the people I became friends with were from clubs and office hours. Class time isn’t always a time to make friends.
  4. There is barely any time for socialization as a commuter.
    1. There are about 20 hours per month taken away from my social life and study time because I commute. Use time wisely.
    2. If I want to beat the rush hour traffic, I had to leave really early or really late in the day. Nobody is even out and about on campus!
  5. The library is your best friend.
    1. I was in the library every single day. During midterms and finals, people would crowd in…. it was kind of mean that they would take the spot I sat in every single day…. but claim your territory first!
    2. There are vending machines downstairs in ALEX! I did not know that for the longest time and I would just study through my hunger.
  6. I know how to handle my second year.
    1. I learned from freshman year. I know how to focus. I know what to expect. I am going to apply it next year.