Why You Should Get More Involved at Rutgers

While school and college in general can be a huge time commitment, its also so important that you get involved at Rutgers outside of the classroom. Lots of times, students may get caught in the mindset of thinking that they just dont have time to do other activities because of the time commitment of their schoolwork. Here are some reasons why you should drop that way of thinking and get involved.

  1. To Make Friends980xJoining an activity or a club is one of the best ways to meet new
    people. Everyone wants to make friends and having an automatic common interest with someone makes that super easy to connect with them. College can sometimes be lonely, and having a club that meets once or twice a week is a great way to socialize.
  2. To Stay HealthySPONGEBOBIf you like working out, this is automatically a great reason to get
    involved. Or, if you don’t necessarily like working out, there are tons of clubs that involve physical activity and are super fun. You could join a sport team (competitive or recreational) and have a great time while getting into shape. giphy
  3. To Destress– College is a super stressful time. With exams and homework and
    quizzes, stress builds up very fast. Its so important that you have a way to alleviate some of that. Personally, I think physical activity is the best way to do that, but other clubs that you are passionate about can be a great way to destress and get your mind off of everything for a little while.tenor
  4. To Build Your Resume–  many of the things that Rutgers has to offer are great things to put on a resume. Whether it be getting involved in research, joining clubs related to your major, or just doing something because its different and fun. These will be great experiences to learn from. Also, future employers (or future admission boards if you decide to further your education) love to see that you got involved in your community outside of your education, and it makes for a great discussion topic during interviews.
  5. To give backgiphyif volunteering is something that you are passionate about, there are
    so many clubs at Rutgers that will allow you to give back to your community. Service is one of the most noble things, and its a great way to make the world a better place. There are tons of clubs with so many different forms of volunteering that you can look into,  and  Greek Life also places a huge emphasis on giving back.
  6. Because its fun– Having something that you get to do or discuss every week makes tenor.gifyour time spent at Rutgers way more fun and interesting. Most people only get to spend four years at college, so its so important that you make the most of it. Joining outside activities allows you to get involved however you want to. There are so many amazing clubs at Rutgers. Whether you want to play a sport, make some friends, or just destress, joining something is a great way to do that.