Black Panther: How it portrays the things significant to the African background


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          Black Panther, one of Marvel’s best Avengers hero, made one of the biggest pre-sale tickets in history. Black Panther happens to be the first actual Black hero that has been brought to the screen and it has such an inspiring story behind it. Although Black Panther may have only scratched the surface of displaying the African background, it does a good job of showing the African background in a more modernized way.

          One of the significant things about the movie was the story telling which occured in the first scene of the movie. Story telling has been one of the ways Africans, back in day, used as a form of communication to future generation. It was most commonly used to keep culture alive from telling one person to telling the next person. Black panther displays how story telling was effective for Tchalla to know his history about how the original black panther came about and how he would soon inherit the power which was given to him by his ancestors and from the Gods.

          More so, the fighting/wrestling match that done which was used to determine the next king on the throne. Fighting matches has been one of the ways in African culture to determine the rule of the future king and who was worthy to be on the throne. Although it was the best effective method that was used in deciding who was the next and worthy king, it was the method that was used most often. In the movie, Tchalla fights with his cousin N’Jadaka, who was abandoned by thw Wakandans and come to reclaim ‘his throne’ for being abadoned by the Wakanda people. We see N’Jadaka winning Tchalla and throwing him over the waterfall, although in his reign as king, he wasn’t as worthy as Tchalla to be sittiing on the Throne.

          To conclude, there were a lot more African culture which appeared on screen such as the outfits, the Nigerian Zambezi forest, the display of paintings on the skin and many more. Black Panther is a movie that encompasses more of an African descent, and it is an inspiration being the first superhero movie with an all Black cast, to create an impact in the lives of people.