The Importance of Relaxation in Mental Health as Told Through SpongeBob Gifs

Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself.

Let’s face it, college can be hard. Between attending classes, studying, and sleep deprivation, it is no wonder that college students are stressed out. College can seem like an everlasting cycle of responsibilities.


In the midst of all the chaos, it I super important that students learn to take some time for themselves. Taking a mental health day (or hour) is never something to feel guilty about.


One huge lesson that I’ve learned in college, is that relaxing is okay. Sometimes you need a mental break to watch a movie or even take a quick nap.


A lot of people associate this type of behavior with laziness, which is something COMPLETELY different. Relaxing by no means makes you a person lazy.


Sure, it’s important to keep up with your studies and live an active lifestyle. At times however, you need these breaks to keep your health in tip top shape.


The constant all-nighters and intense focus on class work WILL catch up with you, leading to illness and unwanted crying fits.


Everyone is entitled to time for self-care. This does NOT make you lazy! If anything, some type of relaxation should be worked into your daily routine.


Try writing before bed, watching a TV show at lunch, or even getting an adult coloring book to destress in between classes.

Who cares what others think? This is YOUR life. Only you know what will work best for you!


So, what are you waiting for? Snuggle up under the covers with a nice book, your favorite movie, or a nap time playlist and start relaxing!