Top 5 Places to Eat on Campus That Take Meal Swipes

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s gotten sick of eating in the same place every day, but while there are so many good places to eat near College Avenue, where I live, I really don’t want to waste my meal swipes. So over the last couple weeks of last semester and the first couple weeks of this semester, my friends and I have gotten food at as many new places as we can. While I still haven’t tried them all, I have definitely found some great new places to eat, so here are my five favorite places to eat that accept meal swipes!!

5. Busch Dining Hall

As I mentioned, I live on College Avenue, so I usually eat in Brower. I have some friends who live on Busch, so I eat at their dining hall pretty often. Their cook to order pasta is really good (although I only have Brower to compare it to), and they have a lot of vegetarian options, which is definitely good for people who don’t eat meat. It’s also a very pretty dining hall, and the large windows and skylights let a lot of natural light into the various rooms. They also have sushi, which I’ve only seen there and at Brower, so that’s a positive, too. It’s not super special, but the food there is consistently good, so if you’re in the area for a football game or for class, it’s a good place to go with your friends before or afterwards.

4. Harvest Café

I’ve only been to the Harvest Café on Cook / Douglass once so far, but it’s definitely a great place to go to if you have the time. It’s kind of out of the way, which is unfortunate, but there is a bus stop right next to it (Food Sciences Building) that the F and EE buses stop at, so that helps if you’re coming from College Avenue. Otherwise, it’s a bit more difficult to get to. Honestly though, I think it’s worth it for the delicious and nutritious food they have there. There are a bunch of options for what you can get with one meal swipe, for example, you can get a smoothie or something from the grill, among other things. I personally got something similar to a pizza, but with red pepper pesto, goat cheese, and asparagus. I was a bit unsure about whether or not I would like it, but it was absolutely delicious. It’s a great place to try something new. Unfortunately, Harvest Café is not open on the weekends, but if you can find the time to go during the week, you should give it a try!!

3. Starbucks Truck

I absolutely love the Starbucks Truck. Seriously. It’s perfect if you need some food to take on the go and it’s an excuse to get your favorite Starbucks beverage with it. I personally really love the tomato and mozzarella panini, but they have plenty of options, which is great. You can buy up to $7 or $9 with one meal swipe, depending on the time. The only disadvantage is that the lines often get long, so you have to leave a lot of time to account for that. Don’t try to go there right before class. It also moves to different campuses on different days, so it’s only convenient when it’s on your campus. It’s on College Ave two to three times a week, though, so it works out well for me : ) Using meal swipes at the Starbucks Truck is a great way to get your coffee and some food without spending so much money!!

2. Livingston Dining Hall

The Livingston Dining Hall makes me wish I lived on Livi, or at least had classes there (I haven’t had a single one so far). They have the nicest dining hall and the best food by far. My favorite part about it is the burger cook to order bar. Whenever I go there, I get a veggie burger and fries, and it is absolutely delicious. It also usually doesn’t take a super long time, which makes it even better. If you don’t like burgers, there are so many other options to try. The Livingston Dining Hall also has a smoothie and juice bar, which is fun to try. Like the Busch Dining Hall, the Livingston Dining Hall has a lot of windows and it is the only dining hall that has TVs in it, at least as far as I know. There’s definitely a reason why this is the dining hall Rutgers uses for orientation!! If you have class or something else on Livingston and you don’t live there, give the Livingston Dining Hall a try. Seriously, first semester I never went to Livingston, and now I go there whenever I have a few hours between classes. I highly recommend it.

1. Henry’s Diner

Henry’s Diner on Livingston is by far my favorite place to eat on campus. They only started taking meal swipes this past semester, and I’m definitely so glad they did!! I go there with my friends pretty much every week now, A meal swipe gets you anything under $10 and a soda, and pretty much everything on the menu falls under that price. There are so many options, including vegetarian options, so everyone can find something there that fits their food preferences. Their milkshakes are really great, too : ) It’s the best place to go to on campus if you have time and want to sit down with people for a while. The main disadvantages are that meal swipes are not accepted during the lunchtime rush (11 AM to 2 PM) and that the line gets very long at dinnertime on weekdays. Trust me, though, it’s so worth it.

If you haven’t tried the food at some of these places yet, definitely check them out, and let me know what you think!! I also still want to try out the other places that I haven’t eaten at yet, so send me recommendations if you have any : )