New Semester’s Resolutions

New Semester, new you.

Have you already given up on your 2018 resolutions? Have no fear, for the early stages of this new semester are the perfect time to set goals for success. Check out some New Semester’s Resolutions for inspiration!

Actually Do Your Readings

Although this sounds totally obvious, avoiding your readings is a fairly simple yet non-recommended task. Info from these readings most likely WILL show up on your exams, so skim them over at the least. Make sure to read them as per the syllabus schedule too, you don’t want to be up to your eyeballs in readings the night before your exam!

Print Out Your Readings

Speaking of readings, do yourself a favor and print them out instead of reading them off of a computer. Give your eyes a break from the harsh backlight of a laptop screen. This way, you can mark it up and make your own notes. Not only will this help you to memorize and better understand the material, but it will serve as a good reference when referring back to your readings later. Your GPA will thank you.

Use Your Planner

Give your planner a better purpose than taking up space in your bag! Use your professors’ syllabi to write down when you have exams, readings, and assignments due. Also jot down other important meetings and dates. Hopefully, you won’t need your planner to remind you to go to class.

Utilize Your Time In Between Classes

Even though we all love a 3 hour Netflix session to kill time in between classes,  perhaps using this time to study is far more productive. When you know you have a time gap between lectures, consider bringing along homework materials and planting yourself at a library or student center until it’s time again for class. Avoid going back to your room and grabbing your stuff in order to dodge distractions. With any luck, this will lead to less late nights.

Take Time For Yourself

Mental relaxation is equally as important as studying! Squeeze in time for mindless activities such as reading, writing, or watching an episode of your favorite TV show. Allow yourself to destress amongst all the chaos of the semester.