Taking the bus to the next campus? Think again.

To preface, you’ll need to know that Rutgers, New Brunswick has five campuses: Douglass, Cook, College Avenue, Livingston and Busch. The Douglass and Cook campuses are often clubbed together into the shorter phrase ‘Cook/Doug’ due to their direct adjacency.

New Brunswick overview map

“New Brunswick overview map”, from https://newbrunswick.rutgers.edu/about/one-community-five-campuses

Taking the bus may be the most convenient way to get from one campus to the other, but have you ever tried walking? I’ve always wondered if my own two feet could get me across, and the distance from Cook/ Doug to College Ave seemed the most ‘do-able’. A friend of mine suggested walking down George Street to get there, and so, with my handy Google Maps and a vague memory of the route the EE bus takes to College Ave, I decided to spend a Saturday taking a stroll from my dorm hall at Gibbons (in Douglass) to the College Avenue Student Center.

It takes a good forty minutes, but it’s certainly possible.

And, what may have been the best part of the journey was the scenery. A less overrated fact is that Rutgers is a beautiful place. Simply taking a minute to slow down, stop and smell the roses (and every other flower in sight) really opened me up to its natural aesthetic. You also notice how distinct the atmosphere each of the campuses brings. The rustic, laidback, foliage-strewn Douglass soon transitions into a more fast-paced, city-like College Avenue.


George Street was truly my ‘yellow brick road’. The main objective was to keep going down George Street, after which I decided to turn on Hamilton, and take a good look at the Zimmerli Art Museum and the Scott Hall area. Eventually, you reach College Avenue where the whole setting transforms into this more modern, upbeat college haven.

Here’s an outline of the the path I took:


After I was done with the ‘little stroll’, I rewarded myself with a scrumptious cheeseburger from Wendy’s, near the Student Center. In retrospect, my rewards were actually the sights and the story I got out of this adventure.

Here’s to many more adventures in 2018!