How to Survive Finals at RU

If I can get through it, so can you.

Although most of us are done with finals for the semester, it never hurts to pick up some tips for next semester. Check out my list to make your next round of finals less miserable.

Take Advantage of Reading Day

Reading day is a magical day of the semester at Rutgers. It’s a day where all classes are canceled and no finals take place. Use this day to your advantage! Don’t use your reading day to catch up on sleep or on your favorite Netflix show. The University is kind enough to give us an entire day to study, so actually study!


Study in Groups

Two minds (or three, or four, or five) are better than one. Studying in a group allows you to bounce ideas and concepts off of each other. The ideas of your peers may even help you learn a thing or two that you never thought of before. You can even have people in your study group test you, ensuring that you really know the test material. Even if you’re not studying for the same exams, it’s always a good idea to surround yourself with motivating friends. Above all else though, studying with a group of people is FUN, and everyone deserves to have a little bit of fun in the midst of a stressful finals week.


Find Alternative Study Areas

Finals week is crunch time, so don’t be surprised if your favorite spot at the library (or every spot at the library for that matter) is taken. If you’re anything like me, your dorm isn’t the ideal study place, so check out spaces in student centers or designated study rooms within your residence hall. I would also recommend my personal favorite study spot during finals- the dinning hall. Just swipe once and you have unlimited access to food and coffee for as long as you stay. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!


Go to Midnight Breakfast

To conclude Reading Day, each dinning hall holds a midnight breakfast where, you’ve guessed it, breakfast is served at midnight! Not only is the food better than the daily breakfast selections at the dinning halls, but this is a great time to destress with friends before your officially start finals. It’s also the perfect opportunity to load up on caffeine for the long night of studying ahead without making the trip to Starbucks.



Take Care of Yourself

Even though a lot of us are pulling all nighters, that is not an excuse to let every aspect of your health deteriorate as well. Remember to eat, drink plenty of water, find ways to destress, and fit a nap into your schedule if you can. Your hard work WILL pay off!


Happy studying!