Things To Be Grateful For This Holiday Season

As finals rapidly approach and so many things are going on at once, its very easy to lose sight of what you are thankful for. Being so caught up in school makes it harder to appreciate all of the wonderful things that surround you and are a part of your day to day life. Here are some things that all Rutgers students are grateful for.

School friends FRIENDS

Your school friends have been through it all with you. Whether it was the happiest of    days or the saddest, you’re school friends have always been there to either cheer you up or cheer you on throughout your time at Rutgers. They just get you more than anyone else does.

Your Dorm


While people may often complain that dorms are small and not the most ideal living space, at the end of the day it is your second home. Its where you have made so many of the best memories, made your first and best friends, and where you’ve experienced having to grow up and live on your own. While dorm life may often seem like a hassle, its also one of the best parts of college. During break you will probably find yourself missing being just a hall down from all of your best friends.

Henrys DinerFOOD

Home to some of the best food on campus at the lowest prices. Seriously, who doesn’t love diner food at any time of the day. Plus, the biggest appeal is that you can meal swipe for your food. What else could be better than that? Henrys is a great place to grab a bite to eat and also catch up with friends.

The People QUESTIOn.gif

Everyone at Rutgers is so kind and welcoming, and its super easy to make friends. If you ever get lost or just don’t know where something is, anyone you ask will do their best to answer your question and help you out. Rutgers people are the best people.

The free stuffrutgers-kid.gif

Yes, I know its a little materialistic, but its so true. Attending Rutgers means a ton of really cool stuff that you can receive from getting involved and participating in different events and clubs. Who doesn’t love a nice shirt that you can also rep your school in? Receiving something as simple as a t shirt really can brighten anyones day.

Having the opportunity to get an educationTHANKFUL.gif

A lot of times its so easy to loose sight of just how awesome it is to even get the opportunity to attend university. Every student has worked their butt off to get into Rutgers, and its something that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Being able to go to school and work to get the degree that you want is such an amazing opportunity, and its something that every student should always be thankful for.


Being away from home doesn’t mean you should every stop appreciating your family. They love you more than anything, and they have your back no matter what. Sometimes its easy to not always call home due to the fast pace of day to day life at college. Seriously, text your mom back and call home from time to time to just tell them how much they mean to you. It only takes a second to reply back when they text you wondering how your day is.