How to Celebrate the Holidays in College

Don’t let college ruin the most wonderful time of the year.

With Thanksgiving behind us, the holiday season has officially begun! However, our busy college schedules may distract from fully experiencing all that the season has to offer. Don’t let this turn you into a Scrooge, for there are still plenty of ways to celebrate while keeping up with your responsibilities. Check out these tips to keep your grades high and you spirits even higher this holiday season!


Decorate Your Room

Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like decorating! This can also be a great roommate bonding experience: string up some lights, gather some tinsel, or even decorate a tree with ornaments! Don’t overdo it though, you’ll want to bring everything home after finals to avoid the dreaded post-holiday depression when you return in January.


Drink Hot Chocolate

What warms you up in the winter better than a nice mug of hot chocolate? Visit Starbucks or Dunkin for your favorite holiday flavors or buy instant hot coco packets to make in the comfort of your own dorm room. Many of your favorite coffee shops even sell their own instant mixes!


Listen to Festive Music

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is signing loud for all to hear!” If singing isn’t your thing, try listening to holiday music anyway. This is probably the easiest way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Compile your own library of holiday hits or browse existing playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. Either way, this is a simple way to get you in the holiday spirit and put you in a good mood. Whether you’re traveling to class or studying at the library, this is a perfect reminder of the holiday season There are even Yule Log videos available on YouTube to pair your festive playlist with a cozy atmosphere.


Make Time for Christmas Movies

Even though finals are approaching, be sure to put time aside to watch your favorite Christmas movies. Stop binge-watching Riverdale in your spare time and start searching Netflix for Christmas movies instead. This is your only time of year to watch these movies, so make the most of it. Don’t forget about those cheesy lifetime movies either! Not only will watching movies get you excited for the holidays, but this also serves as a relaxing study break. Grab your favorite hot chocolate and cuddle up with a blanket to enhance the experience even more!


Do NOT Ignore the Time between Christmas and New Years

For most people, this is the time when people take down their festive decorations and stop listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album. Don’t fall into this trap! As college students, we have very little time at home before the holidays begin to get in the spirit, so make sure to utilize the days afterwards too! It’s still the holiday season, so continue to bake cookies, go visit your favorite holiday spots, and exchange gifts!


Give Back

While we are celebrating in style this holiday season, there are people who are far less fortunate. Be on the lookout for food donations, giving trees, and volunteering opportunities. They don’t call it “the season of giving” for nothing. Giving back will warm your heart during the holidays better any other activity will.