10 Things I Learned During My First Semester at Rutgers

The end of the fall semester is rapidly approaching, and as a freshman I have learned a lot about myself, college, and others. In order to help those who have yet to experience the college life, here are some of the things I wish I knew at the start of my fall semester.

  1. Its okay to miss home

    gif-i-wanna-go-homeAt the start of the school year, I found myself missing home more than I ever thought I would. I was having the time of my life and meeting so many new people, and yet I still found myself missing everything I had left behind. I was very confused because it seemed like it was only me, but just know that everyone gets homesick. Its a normal part of moving away from everything you know and living on your own for the first time. Sometimes you just need a trip home or a call from a family or friend to brighten your mood

  2. Sometimes a call or a text can fix everything

    I miss youWhen homesickness hit, the first thing I always did was call one of my parents. Sometimes its just nice to hear the voice of the people you are missing. Plus its always nice to have a good cry if you need one, and my parents always had the best words of wisdom to cheer me up

  3. You aren’t going to do great on everythingfail

    As someone who was a self proclaimed over achiever in high school, I was used to doing well in all of my classes. However, college is a whole different ball game, and I found myself upset at times when I wasn’t getting the grades I thought I should be achieving. But there is nothing wrong with not getting an A on everything. College is hard at times and quite stressful. While you should strive to get the best grades, whats most important is that you do your best.

  4. Naps are importantNap.gif

    Prior to college, I could wake up at seven in the morning and function until eleven at night and be entirely fine, however in college thats not the case. Self care is most important, and college requires a lot of energy. If you are tired, make sure you take care of yourself and get a quick power nap in. A healthy sleep schedule is so important to your well being in college

  5. Its okay to eat aloneanigif_enhanced-18289-1410462594-1

    This sounds kind of strange and a little weird, but it is so true. Especially the first few weeks, I thought people would think I was weird if I ate alone. Truth be told, no one cares. Sometimes you just have to eat, and it doesn’t always have to be a social event. In fact, its often a good opportunity to take some personal time for yourself. But eating with friends is always fun too.

  6. The library is your best friendstudying

    Need to study? Go to the library. Need to get homework done? Go to the library. Need to catch up on lecture material? Go to the library. Dorms are a loud and distracting place at times, and if you want to get work done in the quickest and most effective way, the library is the best option. Its truly the hidden treasure of every college campus and the secret to getting the best grades.

  7. Your roommate will be your best friendFriend.gif

    This may not always be the case, but it can be if you want it to be. Living with another person is one of the best parts of college, and you will become so close with your roommate so fast. They are a shoulder to cry on, someone to hold your secrets, a person to laugh until you cry with, a dinner buddy, and a best friend. I dont know where I would be in college without my roommate, and they are definitely a forever friend.

  8. Never skip classZmExl_s-200x150.gif

    I know, the temptation to sleep in or watch another episode on Netflix is strong, but dont do it. You really do miss a lot when you dont go to a lecture, plus building a relationship with your teacher is really important if you ever need help in the future. Make sure your professors see you putting in the effort, because it will definitely pay off later.

  9. You will be sick. A lot. giphy

    I honestly don’t think I have ever gotten sick so many times in my life. For the first time, you are living with so many other people, and germs spread fast. Make sure you pack stuff to actually take when you are sick, and call your parents for advice. Take care of yourself. Drink water. Get sleep. Wash your hands.

  10. College is the best thing to ever happen to me

    In only one semester I have met some of my best friends and had the time of my life. I can honestly say I have never been happier, and I cant wait to see what the future holds. Enjoy every second of it because it flies by quicker than ever.giphy-9.gif