R U Homesick?

There’s no place like home.

Home is where the heart is, not to mention our family, home cooked meals, and steaming hot showers. For those of us who have yet to trade in our shower flip flops for a weekend at home, check out these tips to cure your homesickness.

Call Your Family

Your family misses you just as much, if not, more than you miss them. It never hurts to take a few minutes out of your day to make this simple phone call. Not only will they be happy to hear your voice, but you’ll feel much closer to home. To create a more immersive experience of home, try FaceTiming your family instead. Seeing your family members’ faces will make you feel even happier. The more you call, the better you’ll feel.

Have A Loved One Visit You

Can’t get home? Not a problem, have a family member or friend come visit you for the day. Grab some lunch, or show them around campus. While they’re making the trip to see you, request that they bring your favorite blanket or something that will make your dorm feel like your home. If you’re lucky, they might even bring your favorite home cooked meal!

Hang Up Pictures

This sounds a bit cliche, but it does work. Displaying the great times you’ve shared with your loved ones will most definitely warm your heart. Pictures will never do justice for the real thing. However, looking at these memories can act as a reminder of the love your friends and family have for you, which is often enough to keep you going during the hardest times in the semester.

Decorate Your Dorm

Why stop at pictures? Fill your drab, dull room with some color and personality. Flags and tapestries are a great way to cover those bare dorm room walls. Add blankets and pillows of your favorite colors to make your bed more cozy. Your home away from home might as well feel as comfortable as possible.

Keep In Touch With Your Friends From Home

Even though you and your best friends from high school may have gone your separate ways, reconnecting with them will make you feel right at home again. Despite your busy and contrasting schedules, a quick text to check in is never an inconvenience. Keep your friends updated, but be sure to leave things to talk about when you meet next. Small conversations or jokes here and there will make your first reunion back home that much more special.

Plan Your Next Trip Home

The only real way to combat homesickness is to actually go home. Going home will make you feel refreshed both mentally and physically. Coordinate your trips home with your friends from high school. That way, you can really make the most out of your stay at home. Plan out family dinners, movie nights, or other favorite at-home activities. Just don’t get too comfortable; you still need to finish the rest of the semester.