6 Ways to Destress

Don’t let stress get the best of you.

Stress is something that all college students are much too familiar with. Between schoolwork, exams, jobs, and other commitments, it is no wonder that all students feel overwhelmed at some point. Preventing stress is one thing, but dealing with stress when it is already present is a totally different playing field. Follow these tips to keep your head from spinning and your face from breaking out.

Go For A Walk

As simple as it may seem, going for a walk and breathing in the fresh air truly does clear your mind. Can’t get outside? Not a problem. Sometimes walking around the halls of your dorm are enough to get the overwhelming thoughts and concerns out of your head.

Watch Netflix, But Don’t Overdo It

Sometimes, a quick episode of a sitcom like Parks and Rec or Friends is enough to give you the perfect mental break. Don’t abuse this de-stresser, though. Limit yourself to one 20-30minute episode, rather than binge-watching an entire season. Don’t let that type of procrastination add to your stress!


I won’t pretend that going to the gym is enjoyable, but there are lots of fun fitness classes offered at Rutgers. To add to the fun, bring your friends along to ensure that your workout won’t be miserable. Workout classes are a great way to blow off steam and spend some quality time with your friends. A full schedule of fitness classes offered on campus can be found here.

Take A Short Nap

What college kid doesn’t love a good nap? With that being said, make sure you set an alarm for no more than 30 minutes. Naps that are too long will make you feel groggy and are altogether counter productive. Remember that your responsibilities are still waiting for you when you wake up.

Eat A Decently Healthy Snack

Stress almost always leads to a solid case of the muchies. Find a snack that is satisfying without being too unhealthy. Most people turn to the essentials: cup of noodles, granola bars, pretzels, and even fruit sometimes. Eating too much junk food too often could leave you feeling sluggish, or guilty for that matter.