(New) Adventure Time?

The middle of the semester might seem like an odd time to start something new, but just hear me out.

You’ve finished your midterms and several papers, and you’ve sort of got your social (maybe even romantic) life figured out. In other words, you’re starting to get settled in. The grades you’ve gotten back so far should help you figure out how you’re doing academically, and whether your current allocation of study time is about enough (side note: even if you’re not doing as well as you’d hoped, make sure not to overwork yourself! Sleep and mental + physical health are as important as ever when you’re feeling stressed) – so if you’re not already involved in a few regular commitments outside of class, there’s no time like now to get started. (And even if you are, it’s worth considering adding a few more – again, within reason.)

Sure, you might’ve missed some general interest meetings and early events, but many organizations are happy to continue accepting new members. (And if they won’t, it’s still worth looking into the club to see if you want to join next semester.)

These activities can help balance out your schedule, whether you’re tutoring elementary school students or learning American sign language or making cards for pediatrics patients; it can be a way of giving back to the community while simultaneously giving yourself a break from the academic grind. You can keep certain interests alive (particularly if they don’t align with your academic and/or professional goals), or explore new ones.

That said, if you always wait for the perfect time to start something new, you’ll never do it. Part of why New Year’s Resolutions often fall through is that people are super motivated with the “new year, new me” mindset but lose momentum as the days pass. Whatever your current age or education level, any time can be the perfect time. You just have to choose it.