Post Midterms

So taking midterms had everybody stressed and anxious. The exam marks that came out either made people really happy or really upset. Some people decided to bump down a class level because they didn’t pass, and it is definitely my benefit because there’s more room in the lecture hall. But, it’s also very sad because you realize that you made it and some people just don’t. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Just because you scored above average does NOT mean you “continue what you’re doing”.
    1. I scored 15% above the average but my exam score was not the best it could have been. I made a lot of silly mistakes and had I studied more I could have gotten that perfect 100% that I so desperately could have gotten. On another exam I scored only 8% above the average. If you feel that you can work harder, do it. Of course, if you get an A on exams then yeah, keep doing what you’re doing!
  2. Do not lie to yourself
    1. I received an email from the chemistry department saying that if one scores below a 48% on an exam, it is recommended they move down a class level to better prepare themselves. They then proceed to provide more statistics that out of the people who remained in the course and didn’t transfer down to one class level, only 33 had a final grade higher than a D…. ouch! There are 1500 people in Chemistry! If you feel that you are “wishing” for a D/C or “praying” for a magical A, consider switching out.
  3. Your study habits always have room for improvement
    1. The world is always changing, so are you! Maybe the first section of the semester in your class was conceptual so it involved a lot of reading BUT the second section of the semester became all about math and applying those concepts so reading won’t suffice! Things are always changing. Be aware of these habits!

All in all, good luck on the next round of exams! Don’t remain in stasis unless you truly feel you need to!