Survivor: Midterms Edition

Don’t get voted off the island this semester.

Whether you just finished your exams or still have a week of midterms ahead of you, check out these tips to make sure that your exam week doesn’t have the same amount of drama as one of TV’s most popular reality shows.

Find a Distraction Free Study Place

A dorm room isn’t always the most productive place when it comes to studying. Noise and traffic from others on the floor may not direct all of your focus towards your studies. Many resident halls and academic buildings have their own study rooms. If these places don’t work for you, try my personal favorite: the library.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

If you’re struggling or have a lack of confidence in your class material, reach out to your professor to clear up any confusion. In addition to professors and teacher’s assistances, Rutgers has an abundance of tutoring opportunites available to help you ace your exam. More information about Rutgers Leaning Centers can be found here.

Form a Study Group

Studying exam material on your own can be overwhelming. To ease the workload, get a group of friends together from your class to study. Bouncing ideas off of your classmates and sharing notes will make studying much easier and much more fun, not to mention the higher level of confidence you’ll have walking into the exam.

Don’t Save All of Your Studying For the Last Minute

Noon is not the ideal time to start studying for your two o’clock exam. With that being said, don’t wait until the night before to begin studying either. Instead, divide your exam review into several different sessions throughout the week. Not only is this method far less stressful, but reviewing class material over a longer period of time will help you to better retain the information as well.

Take Some Time For Yourself

Your mental and physical health are crucial during exam week, so don’t forget to take care of yourself. During your studies, make sure you still take time to eat, drink plenty of water, and do your best to get some sleep. Go for a walk, watch a short episode of a TV show, or head to the gym when you’re feeling stressed out and need a mental break. Study breaks are equally as important as schoolwork when it comes to a successful study session.