Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You Got A Library Card

Alright, so maybe this is a little exaggerated, but the library seriously is an extremely productive place. I’m actually amazed at the amount of work that I’m able to get done in a single session.

A lot of people reading this may be laughing at my newfound fascination with the library. The truth is, I think this is the very first time I’ve had access to such a place, which is probably why I’m so enamored with my new discovery. When I walk through the doors of the library, it’s as if I am stepping into a whole new world. I sit in one of the private “cubbies,” put my headphones on, and get to work.

While I love the presence of company and collaboration, I’ve discovered that it allows for a lot of unneeded disturbances when trying to meet strict deadlines. At the library, however, the lack of distractions make a four hour study session well worth the time. On occasion, it can actually be quite relaxing.

To make matters even better, the library is conveniently located right outside of my building. Of course, when I want a change of scenery, I can just hop a bus to one of the many other libraries located across Rutgers.

Even though I love the library, I acknowledge that this style of studying may not be for everyone. Regardless of your studying style, everyone is sure to find themselves in one of   the Rutgers libraries for printing, computer uses, or study groups.

I must say, there is a part of me that is shocked that I could be so passionate about the library, of all things. Heck, I had enough to write this entire blog post about it! Deep down inside though, I think it’s all just an excuse to sing the beloved song from Arthur.