I Survived my First Week of College!

September’s here and everyone is getting back into the swing of things; however, you are beginning a new life in a new place with new people! It can sound overwhelming, exciting, fun, and it can be all of those things! After going through my first week at Rutgers, I want to share what I believe the most important things are to remember in the big picture of life here.


  • Remember why you are here, and keep your priorities in check. The first week’s workload can make people feel stressed, but don’t worry if you are here in the first place, it’s nothing you can’t handle! Right away, learning centers have resources available to help you- I already went in for help with a Chemistry homework problem and it was super helpful! Overall, manage your time right- and you got this!
  • Remember to meet people and enjoy your time here! At Rutgers, everybody, no matter their background, is embraced, so take advantage of being around such a diverse group of students. Strike up conversation with someone on the bus, sit next to someone different in class, say hi to the kid you pass down the hall on your way to the bathroom. Doing these things will truly make you feel like a part of your Rutgers community and will help you to enjoy yourself.
  • Last, but definitely not least, GET INVOLVED through the first few weeks! There is so much here for everyone at Rutgers and the amount of opportunities presented to you through email, the involvement fair, your resident’s hall, is abundant. I got involved by joining the dance team for Rutgers and the feeling of being on the field the first time 2 weeks ago was a memory of a lifetime. And every weekend that I go on the field, and see the support of all the crazy school-spirited students, I know I am in the right place. Go to the games. Join a club. Go out of your way to be involved and it will make you feel you are in the right place too.