First Week Of Classes!

Hi! I am Sakshi and I am an international student. I am from Mumbai, India and I am a freshman. So I just had my first week of classes and these are some of the thoughts I had :-

  1. Honestly I know so many people have already told you this but definitely get a seat up front. There are so many people in the class that you will get lost in them so sit up front and also helps to focus!
  2. Classes that you like will not feel like a burden. I already have the exam dates and assignment dates for my courses but because these are classes I like I am excited to actually do these assignments.
  3. LEAVE EARLY! You might arrive 45 mins before class but at least you are not late. For some classes arriving late might affect your attendance and while in other cases, the professor may not say anything but it just does not look good.
  4. Textbooks are gonna be quite expensive! If you can afford them great but if you cannot, don’t worry! There are Facebook groups, rental places and even libraries where you can get the textbooks that will be cheaper and most of the time you’ll need the book only for one semester.
  5. I know the classes seem intimidating because of their size but to make things easier maybe talk to the person next to you. The next class try to sit next to them and hopefully from there you’ll build a rapport.

     6. DON’T MISS MEALS! You maybe in a hurry and feel like there is no time but there              is! You will not focus in class if you feel hungry or feel dizzy. Maybe carry granola              bars around if you really don’t have time between classes.

Hopefully this could help you and I hope to keep updating you about my journey!