Transition from Summer to Fall Semester

The fall semester is quickly approaching, being prepared is essential for making the most of the semester.  Beginning a new semester after a fun summer was always hard for me. I couldn’t transition back into being a student as quickly as I had hoped and it was wreaking havoc on my study abilities. Slowly but surely I found a few ways to lessen the stress of returning to school. Here are some of my top tips for a smooth transition.


  1. Print or photograph your schedule.
  • Having your schedule on hand is a great way to keep yourself organized the first few weeks of school. It’s hard to remember where and when you should be in class, so having it on hand will make things a bit easier when on the go. This also helps a ton when your cell phones internet access decides to go haywire just when you need it most.
  1. Buy your books early.
  • Buying your books earlier rather than later saves you the added stress in the first few weeks. When logging on to the Web registration website, you can find your entire list of required books and purchase them through Barnes and Nobles. If you would prefer to buy them elsewhere just use the ISBN provided to find them.
  1. Routine Change.
  • A week in advanced start adjusting your sleep schedule, work schedule, workout routine etc. Adjusting your routine ahead of time helps by keeping you well rested and organized.
  1. Summer Reading.
  • It’s a bit to start reading now but this is still a great tip to keep in mind for next summer. Read a book or two over the summer in order to keep yourself sharp. I personally do this every summer and I feel it prepares me for the reading assignments during the school year.