‘Twas The Day Before Move In

Move In Day is quickly approaching! No matter if you started packing in June or are waiting until the day before, the week leading up to move in is sure to be busy. Between saying goodbye to friends and family, making sure you don’t forget anything and last minute trips to Target, prepping for move in can be a bit overwhelming but, once it’s all done, it’s so worth all the waiting and chaos. As I prepare for my move in day, August 31st, I thought it’d be fun to visit the poem “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” with a Rutgers Move In Day twist. Hope you enjoy!

‘Twas the day before move in, busy as can be,
“Did you pack this? Do you need these?”
The tupperwear bins were packed in the car with care,
It’s amazing that it all fit in there.

The soon-to-be students couldn’t even think of sleep,
There was so much to do, there’d be so much to see.
And so many questions floated in their heads,
“How will I navigate the buses?” “Will I loft my bed?”.

“Did I pack my favorite shirt?” I had to triple check,
“Should I have ordered my books for my classes yet?”.
My mom made my favorite meal for dinner,
the last time I’ll have it until the winter.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be moving in,
The day the rest of my life begins.
Mom and I will both probably shed a tear,
As I move into my home for the next four years.

It seems like college came so fast,
It went from next year, to next month, to tomorrow at last.
During the past few weeks, as I watched my friends leave
I couldn’t wait for that soon to be me.

I’m sure I’ll be up tossing and turning all night,
But, tomorrow, at the first sign of day light,
I’ll be off to start my journey
as a Scarlet Knight!