Never Miss an Event!

Have you ever missed out on something and regretted it after? Well then make sure you remain updated about what is going on all over Rutgers. This blog entry will list many important ways for you to stay connected to what is going on all over Rutgers. Its best to do these things even before school begins because the first few days of school are packed with so many cool events that you don’t wanna miss!

  1. Get connected with your class! Start off by joining your official and maybe even unofficial Class pages on Facebook. Also look for specific pages related to a program you are in, like the Honors College or Honors Program for example. This may lead you to joining group chats which are great ways for you to make friends and also to share event details with one another.
  2. Get connected with the Rutgers Official Organizations! During orientation you will get a guide that has all the different organizations/departments at Rutgers and their social media pages. Following these and RUPA(an organization that sets up many events throughout the year) will keep you notified of the cool events or games going on.

Aside from finding out about these events, make sure you keep track of all of them somehow because it will be hard to just rely on your memory since there are ALOT of events always happening. I would use the calendar in Facebook or your own calendar to mark down the events that interest you.

Make sure you stay in the loop of the events going on around Rutgers and attend them because you will have fun and meet many new people.