RU ready for classes?

After months of waiting for my class schedule I was bombarded with 4 classes in one day back to back. This is the life of a college student.

Nobody said college was going to be easy or a part time thing. No, college is a job, and it is your job as students to get through another 4 years filled with plenty of exhausting late night studying, finals, jobs, and internships. Hopefully with the help of the many clubs Rutgers has to offer you’ll be able to stay sane, for quite some time. Many of you may or may not have planned to get a part time job while studying, which may be daunting especially if you’re juggling 4 classes in a day. Don’t worry though, Rutgers has a Student employment office where students can look for convenient jobs that fit their schedule Many of these jobs are aware that you are a student and make sure your schedule co-operates with theirs.

Not happy with your schedule or your classes? Rutgers allows all students to make changes to their schedules the first week of their studies. Students will be able to learn how to during the Scarlet Knights Days orientation.

Now as a student I know it seems very alarming at first, how am I going to possibly juggle my classes, work, attend clubs, keep up with friends, stay away from the freshmen 15 (the likelihood of gaining 15 pounds during your first year of college because of the ice cream machine in the dining hall.) and get adequate sleep. To be completely honest, I have no clue. Concluding this blog that will probably not help you, its ok. As the class of 2021 we’ll all figure it out together in one way or another, I hope.

Have a good one!