Why I’m Excited to Be a Scarlet Knight

For us Freshman, our first days as Rutgers students are right around the corner. College will certainly be a big change for most of us. From getting used to our new schedules, way of life, and learning to navigate the bus system, it is no wonder that some of us are entering the upcoming school year full of worries. Instead of sweating the small stuff, I would like to reflect on all of the things we have to be excited about!

The Football Games

Attending a football game is a MUST on every Scarlet Knight’s bucket list. After all, Rutgers is the birthplace of college football. Whether you are a season ticket holder or only plan on going to the homecoming game, these games are definitely a good way to spend time with friends. Win or lose (although we mostly seem to lose these days), tons of students, alumni, and other fans arrive at the game to show off their Scarlet pride.

The Different Campuses

While this is a feature that could overwhelm many people, this is one of Rutgers best attributes in my opinion. If I want to be on a fast pace, city-like campus, I’ll spend my time on College Ave. However, when I want something a bit more peaceful, I can head over to Cook/Douglass or Busch for a more rural and open space. If you’re like me, you’ll chose Livingston, a happy medium. There is a perfect space to suit everyone’s changing wants and needs. Thanks to the bus system, our surroundings can change in just minutes while keeping us at the school we love.

500+ Clubs and Organizations

There is certainly not a shortage of ways to get involved on campus. With hundreds of different organizations, you are destined to find at least a few that interest you. In fact, Rutgers will hold an involvement fair on September 4th on College Ave to allow students to explore these clubs. Getting involved is a great way to make friends, express yourself, and maybe even develop a new hobby. Scarlet Knights will never find themselves bored with so many opportunities.

The Pride

With a big university such as Rutgers, comes an enormous amount of pride both on and off campus. Everywhere you go, people are wearing Rutgers hats, t-shirts, and may even have the famous “R” displayed on their cars. Yankee Stadium even has a billboard exhibiting our school’s name! This pride has grown even more since Rutgers joined the Big 10 Conference in 2014. In such a large and prominent school, pride plays a big part in uniting students and helping to create a community. Both current and former students surely let the world know that Rutgers is a force to be reckoned with. Come on, who else has a fight song as cool as ours?