How Does Rutgers Prepare You For The Real World?

I know, I know, how can I talk about this topic since I haven’t started my year at Rutgers yet? Well, this fall isn’t my first encounter with Rutgers U. When I was in high school I attended a program called Rutgers Upward Bound and boy did that program help me become the person I am today. I’ll be an upcoming junior this fall (I transferred from a different institute) and when I was in high school I was a complete different person than I am today. When my dad told me he signed me up for Rutgers Upward Bound, I cried. I was terrified of being away from home with out my parents, I was terrified of making bad choices and not having my family to help, I was so used to living in my own shell that I didn’t know how to be my own person.

I started the summer not knowing how to have a conversations with people my age, scared to participate and leave my comfort zone. As embarrassing as this might sound, I actually cried the first few days. The awkward little turtle finally decided to jump into the ocean and had no idea what the shore had for her. Days went by and I finally told myself that I needed to toughen up because I could either make it a good experience or a bad one. Life Lesson #1: you decide whether a new experience could end up going well or not so well. Try to make the best out of bad situations and I’m sure you’ll find the good in it.

My next mission was to stop acting like I didn’t want to have a conversation with everyone in the room because they all seemed like great people. It was time to start networking and talking to people I’ve never seen before, and boy was that hard. I think it’s safe to say that I am pretty decent when it comes to starting conversations with new faces now. I can’t tell you how many opportunities in life I’ve gotten simply because I smiled at a person and said hello. Life Lesson #2: if you want to get far in life you have to learn to open your mouth and speak. A simple “Hello” and a shake of a hand can get you far in life.

The most important things I learned while attending RUB was to start taking risks. No, I don’t mean risk that can potentially get you arrested or leave you hurt, I mean risks that will help you grow into a better version of yourself. I learned that in life you’re going to want things, and the only way to get it, is to go after it. Life Lesson #3: You want to get an A in the BIO class but you’re too shy to ask? Well today is your lucky day, take that risk, raise your hand and earn that grade. You found an amazing internship but you’re too scared to drive on the highway or take a bus? Well, you’re going to have to do it eventually, so todays the day to take that risk.

I wanted to share this with you guys to show you that Rutgers can help you not only academically, but with your personal growth as well. This personal growth isn’t just so you can feel better about yourself but so you can do more things out of comfort zone when it’s time to face the real world. I wasn’t even in college when I attended Rutgers Upward Bound and it helped me tremendously as a person and as well as academically. So good luck to all of those who are starting college soon and don’t worry you’ll be fine every step of the way.


Chat with you later,

Ruby B.