Everything You Need to Know For Your Rutgers New Student Orientation

Only a month remains before most Freshman move in for the fall semester. While most of us are in a race against time to shop for our dorms and get in any last minute health forms, Rutgers NSO still has a jam-packed month of orientations planned for nearly a third of incoming students. If you have yet to attend an orientation, check out this post for everything you need to know to make the most out of your New Student Orientation.

Wear/Pack Comfortable Clothes

Orientation includes A LOT of outdoor walking, especially on the first day. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and a lightweight outfit that is suitable for New Jersey’s summer heat. While you may want to think about bringing some type of jacket or sweater for the indoor sessions in the air conditioning, leave the jeans at home.

Bring a Portable Phone Charger

While I DO NOT recommend phone use during orientation, I will admit that I used my phone to capture fun moments. Most likely, there will be no opportunities to charge your battery.  By bringing a portable charger or charging case you avoid scrambling to find an open outlet in the dining hall during meals. This will also ensure that you get to enjoy late night socials and activities to their fullest instead of being stuck in your room charging your phone.

Leave the Electronics Behind

Phones are the exception to this, but everything else can be left at home. Not only will you not have time to watch Netflix on your laptop or play Xbox with your roommates, these items could distract you from socializing and are a burden to travel with. If you do plan on staying up past the scheduled plans, consider bringing a deck of cards. They are easy to pack and are a great way to break the ice while spending time with fellow students. Who doesn’t like a good card game?

Be Open Minded

Orientation will introduce you to many topics and activities that are unfamiliar to you. The only way learn is to welcome everything with open arms. Not only will this help you get the most out of orientation, but it will start a chain reaction. If you show interest in presentations and are excited for the next activity, your future classmates will do the same. Be the person to participate and talk to everybody. You may even find a new interest or make some friends along the way.

Have Fun

Rutgers New Student Orientation leaders do a great job of giving you all the tools to prepare to be a Rutgers student, but they also want you to have a good time and be excited about the school. Allow yourself to have fun during this time, it’s supposed to be fun!

My New Student Orientation was very special to me. I had a blast, developed an interest in many on campus organizations, and gained some really great friends all while learning more about the place I am about to call home. I hope this list helps other students do the same!