Things To Remember When Transferring To Rutgers

Being a transfer student can be a little scary. You just spent some time in your old institute and now you’re about to start a new chapter at Rutgers. New friends, new professors, new experiences and a lot of new opportunities. It’s so much to take in! Don’t be alarmed, things will work out just fine. I currently transferred from Union County College, I graduated with my AA in Communication, so I’ve been accustomed to how things were over there. Attending orientation and learning about all the things Rutgers has to offer made things seem a little bit more easier and it made Rutgers feel a little bit smaller. Coming to a university this big was a big concern of mine, I was used to going to school where only about 1,500 students attended daily, where my classes only had a max of about 25 students and where it was much easier to get around. I learned that many of the classes at Rutgers aren’t small, there’s about 40, 000 students attending and you even need a shuttle bus to get around, mind blowing right?! Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re feeling a little anxious about your new chapter at Rutgers:

  1. Join a club/community: This makes transferring much more fun and easier. Joining a club or community is a great way to meet people in a smaller environment. I decided that I was going to join the Douglass Residential College community before starting Rutgers. I instantly met new people on orientation day and I found out that they had the same interest as me; I was immediately able to start networking.
  2. Do your research: Rutgers has many amazing things to offer, it’s all up to you whether or not you take the opportunities. It’s your time to do things you’ve never done; why not apply to study abroad? Volunteer for something that will help others. Search for internships that will help you gain experience. Join a sports club or a dance group! The key to feeling comfortable in a university this big is to find something that interests you and people that enjoy the same thing.
  3. Relax!: The more you think about it, the scarier it seems. Remind yourself that everything will fall into place. You’ve made it this far so don’t just stop here. New things can always be nerve wracking, but you are not alone. There’s thousands of students that are probably feeling the same way you are. The students and staff at Rutgers do an amazing job when it comes to helping out their fellow RU family, you will be in good hands every step of the way.