R U Ready To Learn About Rutgers?

img_4636-1All across New Jersey, a faint noise is lurking in the air. It starts out as a gentle, indistinguishable whisper but rapidly becomes easier to decipher. What started out as a gentle mutter has now turned into a proud chant that shakes the whole state from the mountains of North Jersey to the beaches down the shore, “R-U, Rah, Rah!”

My name is Christine and I will be pursuing a major in Communications at Rutgers University starting this fall! As excited as I am to finally call myself a Scarlet Knight, I am even more thrilled to use this blog as an outlet to express myself and share my experiences “on the banks of the old Raritan” with others!

I understand that a school of the magnitude of Rutgers can be very intimidating to many people, especially to prospective students who are nervous about choosing the right college. As an incoming freshman who once stood in the same shoes, my goal is to alleviate any uneasiness that could arise from the reputation of a such a prominent university. In fact, Rutgers is know for their rich history that has played a huge part in shaping New Jersey Culture. Besides being a world renowned university that is a part of the Big 10, the birthplace of college football, and one of the top ranked colleges in the nation, Rutgers is a place that I look forward to calling home.

Although my journey as a Scarlet Knight has only just begun, and I am ecstatic to have this chance to proclaim my Rutgers pride. Happy reading!