RU Internships and Careers

Internships and jobs are difficult to find whether you are a current Rutgers student or a recent graduate. My first year at Rutgers, I set a goal to find an internship that can help me build essential skills and gain experience in my desired field. I noticed right away that I had difficulty finding anything in my area when using typical job search websites. I decided to take a different approach and met with my adviser and learned about the tools Rutgers provides its student. Tools that help us find an internship or job in our fields of interest and more. The one things I found most useful was the career website which is full of career tips, upcoming events, resume help and much more.

A few tips of my own for help in the career department:

  1. Remain thorough- You may not find what you are looking for right away but the website is constantly updating job opening and there is something for everyone.
  2. Rutgers offers many networking and job hunting events, take advantage. Networking is a must for anyone looking to start their career.
  3. Start as soon as possible. The sooner you focus on finding that job or internship the higher your chances are of finding one.
  4. Be patient. Even with all the great tools, it takes time to find the right position for yourself so be patient and keep looking.

These tips helped me find an internship that I really enjoy and that I have learned invaluable experience from. I suggest anyone looking forward to a bright future in whatever field explore the careers website.