Registration: QUICK TIPS!

Below are some details & tips that I have found to be very helpful in creating (and GETTING) my perfect schedule during Rutgers’ registration process. For many of us, this may be a “keep-on-file” article, for next Spring semester; however, for incoming freshman who have yet to create their schedule for the Fall of 2017, some of these registration tips may come in handy very soon!

  1. Create 2 to 3 schedules that you like, and save them in Course Schedule Planner. The Rutgers Course Schedule Planner can be found through the link and it is a super convenient and organized way to create some schedule options before Web Reg opens up. Creating only one schedule may be a disservice to yourself because it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll get that exact schedule. For this reason, I like to come up with two or three options for myself that I am satisfied with, so that if I can’t make my first-choice work when the time comes, I can immediately try to work with my second or third choice schedules.
  2. Organize the index numbers for the classes in both of those schedules. For each schedule you create, write down the index numbers for each course/section in that schedule. For some, once their Web Reg is available, clicking the “Register” button on a schedule made in Course Schedule planner will allow them to automatically register for the classes in that schedule; however, for some (like me, a nursing major) that doesn’t work. So, organize your index numbers so that when Web Reg opens, you can quickly copy-paste the numbers and cross your fingers.
  3. Course Sniper was designed by an alumni Rutgers student, and is an absolutely GENIUS tool for those of us who didn’t get the section we wanted on the first try. If you are desperate to get into a specific section of a class that’s already closed, it MAY re-open, and Course Sniper will email you when it does!
  4. Email for Special Permission Numbers. Another potential way to get into a class that’s closed, is to kindly email either the professor of that section, or an administrator in the department. It can’t hurt to explain your situation (if you’re truly in desperate need of that specific course), and request a SPN. The worst they can say is, “No.”
  5. Worst Case Scenario: Add/Drop Period In the event that you’ve tried the above tactics and still don’t have your prefect schedule, settle for a bit less than what you’d hoped for, and then wait until the first 2 weeks of school. At this time, classes will be opening and closing like rapid-fire on Web Reg because people will be (hopefully) dropping the class you need! Use Course Sniper, and maybe even try approaching professors in person for the chance to get a Special Permission Number.

I hope this article will help some of you in the future, and CONGRATULATIONS to all of the incoming freshman! Have fun with schedule-creation… Cheers.