Handling Stress

If you read my blogs consistently, you’d notice I blog twice every month. However, I lost my streak in March (sad face). This semester was definitely more stressful than the first.

For those of you who are reading now, you know finals are coming, which means studying (or cramming), crying, and wondering what we are even doing with our lives. For the new freshmen who may read this later, don’t worry. The college experience as a whole is not bad at all. It’s getting through classes you don’t like- but have to take- and balancing college elements- classes, extracurricular activities, work, internships, sports- that can be really rough. Here is a post on what to do when college gets crazy:

Note: This is based on personal experience and not science.

  1. Take a nap. I have a hunch a lot of this actually do this already, but taking a nap is essential when you’re stressed AND sleep deprived. Being sleepy just makes your head feel cloudy, and it becomes hard to be productive the longer you stay awake in this state. Napping can help you clear your mind, boost your energy, and get through the day in a productive manner. However, keep your naps short for the best effect!
  2. Know when your exams are at the beginning of the semester. Write your midterm and final exam dates down in chronological order so they don’t catch you by surprise. You’ll also get an idea of when to start studying for each.
  3. Make a to-do list. This is one of my favorite ways to keep myself together. I make to-do lists for the week ahead of me. I start off by putting down the dates, then I put in class times, club meetings, and any due date&time for assignments. I fill in the free time with what I have to work on. Tip: you don’t need to buy a planner for this. My ideal way of making to-do lists is to type up your schedule on your laptop and always have it open somewhere; you’ll probably do a majority of your work on your laptop so you can make adjustments to your to-do lists quickly this way.
  4. Talk to your friends: Old friends, new friends, girlfriends and boyfriends- take a break from your own life and see how they’re doing. Just talking to your friends may take away some of your stress. Have them motivate you to keep going- if they’re really your friends, they’ll hype you up.
  5. Go do something relaxing that’s not sleeping. Go for a walk, do yoga, color, get a message… Do something that is meant to be therapeutic so you don’t drive yourself crazy. Yes it is so important to study, do good in class, and be well-rounded, but you do deserve a break. However, you know the difference between a break and not trying. Keep it mind when you leave your work.

College happens, and if you’re stressed, you’ll get through it!