4 Reasons Why I love Rutgers

I remember growing up, I never even entertained the thought about going to Rutgers. I remember thinking that Rutgers must be an easy school because it is so close. I thought that Rutgers was too big for me too handle and I would not get to know anyone here and be too overwhelmed to see so many people. Truth to be told, I decided to go to Rutgers mainly because it was financially the cheapest choice. Many people chose Rutgers because it is the cheapest choice but there are so many benefits to coming here.

  1. Diversity: Since there are so many people here, there is so much to do. There are so many clubs and extracurriculars to join, so many classes to take, and so many different people to meet. I love the fact that I can do so many different things such as Korean dancing, or a neurology club. On top of that I meet so many people who different than me, have different ideas than me, and who believe different things than me. Those differences are the reason why I love it here.
  2. Size:When I came to Rutgers in a college visit, the Scarlet Ambassador said that you can make a big university feel small but you can never make a small university feel big. Obviously Rutgers is physically a big university since it spans 5 campuses and 2 cities. I feel like that makes Rutgers unique because not that many universities have multiple campuses. Because we have 5 campuses, every campus has its own feel to it. So if you don’t like one campus, you can always spend your time on another. Personally I’m not really a big fan of College Ave, so I can purposefully not live in College Ave and not take classes there. You can do that at many other universities.
  3. Research: I’m a STEM major, so research is very important to me. For first years, they can apply for the Aresty Research Program for the summer between freshman and sophomore.
  4. Friends: Honestly my friends are the main reason why I love Rutgers. I remember being so nervous to make friends because there are so many people around. But it is possible and they motivate me to keep going. We eat, study and live together. I can’t imagine college. So what I am trying to say, when you make amazing friends, then the college experience is amazing.

Looking back to when I was deciding colleges, Now I can’t imagine going to some other university.