Tips for Making Friends

As a freshmen, I was really nervous about making friends in college. When I was applying to colleges, I tried to look for colleges that were small because I wanted to get to know people which I thought would be difficult a big university. But when I joined Rutgers, I was honestly worried about how I can make meaningful relationships because I believed it was hard to get to know people unless you saw them everyone on campus. So here are my tips for making friends. 

  • Just talk to people who are around you
    • Yes going to General Biology lecture with a class size of 500 students is very intimidating (that was my first class in college). But you will have smaller classes. For first years, the Byrne Seminars and the FIGs are available.
    • Personally, a lot of my closest friends actually live in my dorm.It is just so easy to always be in contact because we all live down the hall.
  • Join Greek Life and Clubs
    • The great thing about greek life is that it is a community of people who will support in whatever your passion and interest is. There are chapters for those who are religious, pre-law, pre-medicine, pharmacy and so many moore. It is only a matter of finding the right one for you.
    • Clubs are very similar situation. You are ‘forced’ to hang out with people and have other people with similar interests.
  • Think about what you want from a friendship
    • Some people want to make very close friends. The type of the friends that they can turn to when they are upset or very happy. Basically the person that they can turn to at all times. Other people just want the company or to be study buddies. It can vary based on the person that you meet. For example, for some friends, I don’t expect to stay friends with them throughout college, just to have someone for the semester. I have other friends that I want to keep for the rest of college and beyond. So just be aware of what you want from the friendship and what the other person wants from a friendship.
  • Go Out of Your Way to Make Friends (at least at first)
    • You have to make making friends a priority in the beginning of a friendship. That will show other people that you are committed to the friendship and depending on how close you want to be.
  • Come up with Cool Things to do
    • If you want to have close friends, then it’s important to spend time with them. And other people might be feeling the same way you do, nervous and worried about making new friends. So why not suggest dinner or to go to an event. It honestly wouldn’t hurt
  • Take a FIGS (First-year Interest Group Seminar) and a Bryne Seminar
    • These are only 1 credit courses and offered to only first years (FIGS only in the fall semester). They are a great way to talk to other new freshmen who share common interests.
  • Don’t stick to your high school friends
    • Then you would be too comfortable and won’t feel tempted to make new friends. Obviously maintain contact with your high school friends but don’t be afraid to branch out and feel uncomfortable.

Making friends is a struggle but is very important. Having friends makes the college experience so much more enjoyable and increases your motivation to succeed. Also making the right friends is just as important.