How to enjoy a warm day at Rutgers











Who’s excited for this amazing weather? It’s finally getting warm out, and all anybody wants to do is get out of their dorm room to enjoy the sun rays. Just by walking around campus, you can see there’s been a total shift in the atmosphere around Rutgers. People are actually outside enjoying their day, and some are even wearing sunglasses now. In case you’ve forgotten what to do around campus when it’s nice out, here’s some things you can do instead of wasting the beautiful days cramped inside your dorm finishing your fifth show this winter on Netflix.

Relax by Passion Puddle

Everyone is congregating around Passion Puddle to lounge by the water and read a book. Some people just sit in the benches to enjoy the view, while others are spreading out blankets to do their homework and read books. This is definitely a change of scenery, especially you live on College Avenue like me. In my opinion, Passion Puddle is prettier than the Raritan River view outside my window.


Rutgers Gardens

The Rutgers Gardens are also a great break from the urban atmosphere around Rutgers. If you’re really looking to enjoy nature, taking a walk around this place, or maybe sitting down and staying a while, could be of your interest.

Eat outside at the Yard

The Yard on College Avenue campus has a bunch of tables set out so you can grab some Krispy Pizza, and then sit outside to enjoy the fresh air while you eat it. Maybe you can even get an iced coffee.

Play football or throw a frisbee

Everyone is blasting music and playing some type of outdoor game. Grab a football, bring a speaker, and be thankful it isn’t freezing. If none of your friends want to throw a ball with you, try asking somebody else or just take a walk around campus.

Get Playa Bowls

What feels more ‘summery’ than enjoying a Playa Bowl? Take a nice walk down Mine Street, get yourself an electric mermaid, and definitely take a picture of it for Instagram. Then sit outside, listen to the beachy music, and imagine you’re at the Jersey shore again.

Read a book

Maybe you’re not much of an athlete. Lots of students are simply just laying around, reading books or doing homework on their laptops. Regardless, people are everywhere–take your typical library work such as reading chapter 9 through 15 for anthropology, and curl up at a picnic table for a change in scenery.