Priorities: Finding a Balance and Keeping Calm

Classwork, Clubs, Exams, Work, Friends, Family, Fun and Health. Honestly these are a lot to prioritize for college students. Personally I never feel like I have time to do everything that I want to do. Sometimes I want to go to the gym in between classes and work out but I also know that I need to finish Calc homework in my free time. And often times, I complain that I never hang out with my friends because I am trying to finish all my homework. But then people often tell me that college is the best four years of your life and you should enjoy it. So basically there is a lot to prioritize so here are my tips.

  • When you are planning your day or your week and what is important to you at that moment.
    • Sometimes if you have a midterm the following, it would be smarter to study that weekend rather than go to a party. But if you don’t have exams for a while, then it may be worth it to hang out with your friends and have fun. Honestly everyone has different priorities and that is perfectly fine as long as there is no regrets. Sometimes it’s okay
  • Learn when to step back.
    • I know that when I am first started at Rutgers, I went to the career fair and there were so many clubs that I signed up for. But I realized that there was no way to handle all these clubs and my schoolwork. So I only went to the clubs that felt important to me. This also goes back to the first point to plan your week and to spend your time with no regrets
  • Finish anything that has a due date or tasks that you held accountable for
    • Obviously finish all your homework on time.  If you have an assignment due at midnight, don’t spend the night partying unless you have already finished the task. If you have a difficult assignment, then be sure to spread it out. I know that I have Webassign homework and I try to do it in one sitting, then I am going to kill myself.
  • Have No Regrets about your priorities
    • Sometimes you can’t always finish that homework assignment because something came up and that is perfectly fine. There will be other assignments. Sometimes it is okay not to hang out with friends because you need to finish homework. You can hang out with your friends another day. It is okay not to be able to do everything.


Keep in mind your priorities can change everyday depending on the time and the situation. Sometimes , for me, classwork take priority over my friends and other times my friends take priority over my classwork. Just be sure that you can keep a balance and live life.