Have a date at Sushi Room!!!

Sushi room is located on 12 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, and I highly recommend it for a date night. There is other foods for non-sushi fans, and surprisingly not everything on the menu is Asian cuisine. However, be warned that the non-sushi foods are not as extensive as the options for sushi!

My boyfriend took me out to this restaurant today. The thing that made me fall in love with the place was the ambiance. The furnishing is modern, and the place is kept rather dark. However, there are retro-type lights that accent the furnishing, and a candle on each table (so romantic). The music is selection is also contemporary, but more of the very chill, good-vibe songs. It progressively gets louder in the restaurant as the bar fills up, but the intimacy I felt was still retained.

The food is well-portioned and delicious but NOT cheap- especially if you get sushi (sushi lovers know what I mean). However, it is definitely worth the price if you take advantage of the Sushi Bar Entrees! They’re like combos: you get a certain group of sushi and a choice of soup or salad. I ordered the Sushi Sashimi, which came with 5 pieces of sushi, 9 pieces of sashimi and any roll of my choice, valued at $10 or less. The sushi and sashimi were large, and I was able to select one out of many Special Rolls because many of them were $10. What made this entree worth it is the fact that the food I got should have been well over $50-$60. I got all that sushi and soup for $26.  Yes, $26! As expected, presentation was delightful and the fish was high quality.

The staff is very nice and attentive there. I noticed even the diners were all kind and sociable. The people at the table next to me and my boyfriend watched a drunk couple walk by the glass windows with us, and we all laughed together.

This place was so nice, I felt this surge of thankfulness looking at my boyfriend. We usually are on our phones when we go to restaurants (lame, I know, but we’ve been dating for a while and are just used to doing it while we wait for food). Not at this place. We actually talked quite a lot to each other. To be honest, I cried at one point while eating (of happiness). If you’re in a rough spot with your significant other or if you need to reinvigorate your relationship, this place might do the trick. I even recommend going if you’re meeting someone for the first time or if you and your date just want another place to try out. Seriously, I had an amazing experience, and I hope you do too!

How to cope with that failing grade…

I studied so much for this one class. Every waking moment, I was reading the textbook. I wrote down so many notes, and I even rewrote every single example problem. I made sure I understood the material on quizzes. When the first exam came around, my friends who hadn’t studied until last minute were positive they failed. I felt pretty alright about the exam. I really thought I’d at least pass. But I failed! And the worse felling is my friends who studied far less than me did much better.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this, whether you just thought about a test you took this semester or one back in high school. It just seems to feel worse in college because we don’t have many exams to keep our grades high. To be honest, I cried. I convinced myself I had to retake the class, and I went so far as to adding it to the list of classes to take over the summer.

But now I feel a lot better, even with a failing grade making itself comfortable in the class gradebook. Here’s what you should do if you find yourself in my situation:

  1. Accept what happened. Embrace that humility. You failed. Your grade is even below the average. You studied for a long time, and it did not help you at all. The test is over and there’s nothing you can do to change your grade on the exam. More importantly, accept the fact that its one exam. Accept the fact that there’s still time to make up it, whether that be the next exam or retaking the class. Accept the fact that it is not the end of the world.
  2. Talk to friends. It’s hard to talk about failure, but talking to your friends can benefit you. First, you get your emotions out. If you cry, you’re not alone. Also, friends will give you advice and resources; they may have not provided that help before because the failing grade was unexpected. Friends who had taken the class can help you adjust your study habits and provide materials.  Some friends may be able to tutor you or find you a tutor. You’d be surprised of the connections your friends have. No one is going to judge you, especially not your own friends.
  3. Adjust your study habits. Although a certain study method may be the best in most of your classes, it may not work for the class you just failed your test in. Always make room for adjustment and learn to work out of your norm. Listen especially to those who had already taken the class and know how to study for it. I believe the best thing to do is study the way your successful classmates have and then do a bit of your own method given time.
  4. Be confident. DO NOT beat yourself up over one exam grade. I know a failing grade may hurt you. You’ll be nervous for other exams. You won’t even want to look at the material from that same class. However, this lack of confidence will just hinder you.
  5. Treat yourself. College is hard. There’s nothing wrong with putting the books aside for a day (as long as no assignment is due the next day of course) and getting some rest or going out. If you’re too stressed and upset, you won’t effectively study and you’ll take away from your college experience!

Best of luck for the rest of the semester. You can do it!

Making Friends at Rutgers

As a freshmen, I was really nervous about making friends in college. When I was applying to colleges, I tried to look for colleges that were small because I did want to get to know people which I didn’t think you can do at a big university. But when I joined Rutgers, I was honestly worried about how I can make meaningful relationships because it is such a big university.

  • Just talk to people who are around you
    • Yes going to General Biology lecture with a class size of 500 students is very intimidating (that was my first class in college). But you will have smaller classes. For first years, the Byrne Seminars and the FIGs are available.
    • Personally, a lot of my closest friends actually live in my dorm.It is just so easy to always be in contact because we all live down the hall.
  • Join Greek Life and Clubs
    • The great thing about greek life is that it is a community of people who will support in whatever your passion and interest is. There are chapters for those who are religious, pre-law, pre-medicine, pharmacy and so many moore. It is only a matter of finding the right one for you.
    • Clubs are very similar situation. You are ‘forced’ to hang out with people and have other people with similar interests.
  • Think about what you want from a friendship
    • Some people want to make very close friends. The type of the friends that they can turn to when they are upset or very happy. Basically the person that they can turn to at all times. Other people just want the company or to be study buddies. It can vary based on the person that you meet. For example, for some friends, I don’t expect to stay friends with them throughout college, just to have someone for the semester. I have other friends that I want to keep for the rest of college and beyond. So just be aware of what you want from the friendship and what the other person wants from a friendship.
  • Go Out of Your Way to Make Friends (at least at first)
    • You have to make making friends a priority in the beginning of a friendship. That will show other people that you are committed to the friendship and depending on how close you want to be.
  • Come up with Cool Things to do
    • If you want to have close friends, then it’s important to spend time with them. And other people might be feeling the same way you do, nervous and worried about making new friends. So why not suggest dinner or to go to an event. It honestly wouldn’t hurt
  • Take a FIGS (First-year Interest Group Seminar) and a Bryne Seminar
    • These are only 1 credit courses and offered to only first years (FIGS only in the fall semester). They are a great way to talk to other new freshmen who share common interests.
  • Don’t stick to your high school friends
    • Then you would be too comfortable and won’t feel tempted to make new friends. Obviously maintain contact with your high school friends but don’t be afraid to branch out and feel uncomfortable.

Making friends is a struggle but is very important. Having friends makes the college experience so much more enjoyable and adds to the motivation to succeed. Also making the right friends are important, so good luck making friends.

How to enjoy a warm day at Rutgers











Who’s excited for this amazing weather? It’s finally getting warm out, and all anybody wants to do is get out of their dorm room to enjoy the sun rays. Just by walking around campus, you can see there’s been a total shift in the atmosphere around Rutgers. People are actually outside enjoying their day, and some are even wearing sunglasses now. In case you’ve forgotten what to do around campus when it’s nice out, here’s some things you can do instead of wasting the beautiful days cramped inside your dorm finishing your fifth show this winter on Netflix.

Relax by Passion Puddle

Everyone is congregating around Passion Puddle to lounge by the water and read a book. Some people just sit in the benches to enjoy the view, while others are spreading out blankets to do their homework and read books. This is definitely a change of scenery, especially you live on College Avenue like me. In my opinion, Passion Puddle is prettier than the Raritan River view outside my window.


Rutgers Gardens

The Rutgers Gardens are also a great break from the urban atmosphere around Rutgers. If you’re really looking to enjoy nature, taking a walk around this place, or maybe sitting down and staying a while, could be of your interest.

Eat outside at the Yard

The Yard on College Avenue campus has a bunch of tables set out so you can grab some Krispy Pizza, and then sit outside to enjoy the fresh air while you eat it. Maybe you can even get an iced coffee.

Play football or throw a frisbee

Everyone is blasting music and playing some type of outdoor game. Grab a football, bring a speaker, and be thankful it isn’t freezing. If none of your friends want to throw a ball with you, try asking somebody else or just take a walk around campus.

Get Playa Bowls

What feels more ‘summery’ than enjoying a Playa Bowl? Take a nice walk down Mine Street, get yourself an electric mermaid, and definitely take a picture of it for Instagram. Then sit outside, listen to the beachy music, and imagine you’re at the Jersey shore again.

Read a book

Maybe you’re not much of an athlete. Lots of students are simply just laying around, reading books or doing homework on their laptops. Regardless, people are everywhere–take your typical library work such as reading chapter 9 through 15 for anthropology, and curl up at a picnic table for a change in scenery.

Priorities: Finding a Balance and Keeping Calm

Classwork, Clubs, Exams, Work, Friends, Family, Fun and Health. Honestly these are a lot to prioritize for college students. Personally I never feel like I have time to do everything that I want to do. Sometimes I want to go to the gym in between classes and work out but I also know that I need to finish Calc homework in my free time. And often times, I complain that I never hang out with my friends because I am trying to finish all my homework. But then people often tell me that college is the best four years of your life and you should enjoy it. So basically there is a lot to prioritize so here are my tips.

  • When you are planning your day or your week and what is important to you at that moment.
    • Sometimes if you have a midterm the following, it would be smarter to study that weekend rather than go to a party. But if you don’t have exams for a while, then it may be worth it to hang out with your friends and have fun. Honestly everyone has different priorities and that is perfectly fine as long as there is no regrets. Sometimes it’s okay
  • Learn when to step back.
    • I know that when I am first started at Rutgers, I went to the career fair and there were so many clubs that I signed up for. But I realized that there was no way to handle all these clubs and my schoolwork. So I only went to the clubs that felt important to me. This also goes back to the first point to plan your week and to spend your time with no regrets
  • Finish anything that has a due date or tasks that you held accountable for
    • Obviously finish all your homework on time.  If you have an assignment due at midnight, don’t spend the night partying unless you have already finished the task. If you have a difficult assignment, then be sure to spread it out. I know that I have Webassign homework and I try to do it in one sitting, then I am going to kill myself.
  • Have No Regrets about your priorities
    • Sometimes you can’t always finish that homework assignment because something came up and that is perfectly fine. There will be other assignments. Sometimes it is okay not to hang out with friends because you need to finish homework. You can hang out with your friends another day. It is okay not to be able to do everything.


Keep in mind your priorities can change everyday depending on the time and the situation. Sometimes , for me, classwork take priority over my friends and other times my friends take priority over my classwork. Just be sure that you can keep a balance and live life.

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