Before Due Dates/Deadlines, Utilize the Library

On Livingston, there is Kilmer. On College Avenue, there is Alexander (my personal favorite). On Douglass, there is Mabel Smith Douglass Library. This is only a petite percentage of Rutgers’ widespread collection of libraries among New Brunswick, additionally including the Newark and Camden campuses.

Particularly, since I am a New Brunswick student, I would like to express (and share with you) the assistance and importance of using the nearest library as an academic safe haven; as a spacious center for scheduled focus, collective silence, and in some circumstances, even a book-filled cavern for comfort.

Each Rutgers library is an advantageous setting for studying, as it contains resources one cannot often find in a housing unit, apartment infrastructure, or in his/her regular home.

In Alexander (as in Kilmer I’m aware), there are individual empty rooms – equipped with chalkboards, a round table, and regular seating – that can be exclusively booked for a student’s group-study convenience. There are independent carrel desks that are rowed in an organized fashion among shelves and shelves of incredible books. There are available desktop computers, printers, photo-scanners, and other devices that may not be available to every student’s hands in their day-to-day routine. Rutgers’ libraries are crucial to the function of the community, as they are a space that provides silence for students: for the future writers, mathematicians, scientists, chemists, engineers, and all the other types of doers and creators.

Before the approach of first exams and midterms, try to use the library more than once this semester! Of course, before procrastination may sink in for an assignment. While many students may understandably feel more comfortable in the privacy of dorms and housing for long-term studying, the library offers a motivational space for morning, afternoon, or even late-night work – where completion is guaranteed. The Kilmer library maintains flexible evening hours, so while distractions may arise in the evening (such as the sleepy sight of one’s bed or a gathering of friends at night), the library is (again) an academic safe haven; a motivational free space for an individual or a group to study, enjoy the silence, and accomplish tasks in a timely manner.